The Archaeobotany Laboratory of the Science and Technology in  Archaeology and Culture Research Center includes facilities for processing   of archaeobotanical samples (flotation machines, sieves) and for their   detailed study. High power stereomicroscopes are used for the   identification of plant remains, while a state-of-the-art 3D digital microscope   is also available for higher magnification, when needed. In addition to   microscopes in the lab, STARC has portable USB digital microscopes for   use in the field. A well-informed modern seed and plant reference collection   of Cypriot flora offers further support to our research; this collection   continues to grow in close collaboration with the Department of Agriculture   and Forestry.






The facilities of the Chemistry Lab, another state of the art infrastructure of the EEWRC Center of CyI, can be used for phytolith analysis (furnace, glassware, balances, ceramic crucibles, distilled/R.O. water, a centrifuge, the required chemicals, a fume hood, an oven and a furnace). STARC also houses a Scanning Electron Microscope, which facilitates the identification of plant remains.