Efthymia Nikita is Assistant Professor in Bioarchaeology at the Cyprus Institute. Prior to her appointment at 2017, she held postdoctoral positions at the British School and the American School of Classical Studiesand Athens, as well as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship at the University of Sheffield.

Her research focuses on the biological anthropology of the ancient inhabitants of the Mediterranean, exploring topics such as mobility, demography, diet, health and disease diachronically from prehistory to Byzantine times, with a focus on the interrelationship of the biological and cultural dimensions of past human identities. She has participated in and/or led bioarchaeological research in Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco and Libya. In addition, she is strongly involved in refining current forensic anthropological and osteoarchaeological methods, with a focus on approaches for sex and age-at-death estimation, estimation of the number of individuals in commingled assemblages, and skeletal activity markers.

Her projects have been funded by the European Commission, the Cypriot Research and Innovation Foundation, and other funding bodies in the EU and US. The results of her research have been disseminated in over 60 international publications in the leading journals of physical and forensic anthropology. Finally, she is the author of the textbook Osteoarchaeology, which was published by Elsevier and received an honorable mention by the Association of American Publishers.