The current flagship project in Archaeological Materials is the MSCA-ITN PlaCe, focussed on the study of pre-modern Plaster and Ceramics. It runs from April 2021 for four years, with the main activity phase from September 2021 when the 14 Early Stage Research fellows will commence their studies.

The project on Byzantine and Ottoman Ceramic Workshops in the Eastern Mediterranean is in its second year, supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation; the PI of this project, Dr Zivkovic, is also involved in a number of other ceramic projects.

Dr Artemios leads a major study on the use of glass in the eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic period. In addition, he works with Professor Rehren on several other regional glass assemblages. Of particular importance is the material from old excavations in Amathus / Limassol, whose publication is under preparation by Dr Flourentzis. Among this material are the remains of a major glass workshop which is currently being analysed at STARC.

Several other projects are ongoing and are presente din more detail in the following pages.