Public outreach activities are in the heart of ARETI’s approach.  Our core objective is to provide the general public with an understanding of the cultural, environmental and ethical significance of cattle in the past, present and future and raise awareness about the Cyprus’ local cattle breed and its unique adaptive traits. ARETI disseminates its findings to the public, especially to young schoolchildren through hands-on activities (e.g. sorting and identifying cattle elements and pathologies, story-telling and clay cattle figurine making). Our team is working in close collaboration with local farmers and breeders of the Cyprus local cattle breed as well as educators and artists to run activities in schools as well as public spaces and museums across the island, including the Cyprus Archaeological Museum and the Cyprus Natural History Museum. We are currently working on a documentary about the history of cattle on the island of Cyprus!


On the left: Introducing the two cattle subspecies toyoung schoolchildren during the 2023 sCYence Fair. On the right: Teaching cattle anatomy at The Zoological Museum, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.