Animals REsilient in TIme (ARETI): Unravelling the genetic, economic and cultural history of Cyprus’ local cattle from prehistoric times to present.

ARETI is a multidisciplinary two-year research programme, supported financially by the Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation, that focuses on exploring the genetic, economic and cultural history of cattle on the island of Cyprus from the Neolithic times to the present. By weaving together evidence from zooarchaeology, iconography, animal genetics, ethnography and conservation biology, ARETI provides an opportunity to unearth vital information about the past, present and future of local livestock systems and their interaction with human societies.

Figure 1a: Boy rests against a cow, Kathmandu, Nepal (photographed by Steve McCurry, 2013/2005). 
1b: Girl leans on a pillar as a cow leans on her, India (photographed by Steve McCurry, 2013/2005).
Steve McCurry’s photos show the complex emotional bond between humans and animals.